Hello and welcome to Abandoned World Photography – where you can get lost in history and photography relating specifically to buildings of public interest, heritage and ancient architecture.

All of the buildings published by Abandoned World Photography are vacant, abandoned and neglected. They all have a history, some more extensive than others, but there is a story to every site we photograph.

Types of buildings you can get immersed in include abandoned asylums, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, power stations, theme parks, schools and lots more. The locations of these sites include Ireland, the UK, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Feel free to contact Abandoned World Photography regarding urbex/urban exploration, media features, how to start off as an urban explorer, or perhaps you know of a vacant site that you would like to see photographed.

To all the urbexers out there and to those I have met along my journey around the world, thank you for inspiring me and stay safe.

Abandoned World Photography

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One reply on “About”

I’ve been wondering what kind of urbex opportunities there were in Ireland and here you are to tell me about them! I’m looking forward to more from you, you’ve got some locations I’d love to check out one day.

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