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Where you can get lost in history and photography relating specifically to buildings of public interest, heritage and ancient architecture.

All of the buildings published by Abandoned World Photography are vacant, abandoned and neglected. They all have a history, some more extensive than others, but there is a story to every site.

Types of buildings you can get immersed in include abandoned asylumstheme parksbusinesseshouses and lots more.

The locations of these sites include Irelandthe UKAustraliaThailandCambodia and Vietnam.

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El Caballo Equine Theme Park, Perth, WA [VIDEO]

El Caballo Blanco is a former Spanish equine theme park situated in Perth, Western Australia. It features grand showgrounds, a ‘Rampage’ aqua slide and pools, a small wildlife zoo, rollers coaster, lifestyle village, stables, VIP areas, bars, restaurants, a theatre […]

[Updated] Notre Dame Zoo, Australia

Update: This property is no longer abandoned. Please REFRAIN from visiting Notre Dame Zoo (Sydney, Australia) immediately. abandoned World Photography has been contacted by a woman who is currently living on site, who said that many people are visiting the […]

Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney

Site Name: Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney Site Establishment: 1885 Site Size: 104.5 acres The abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum was one the most challenging sites I’ve ever explored alone. It was extremely hard to gain access and when I […]

Abandoned Plane Graveyard, Thailand | Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Planes in Bangkok

My flight from Bangkok to Ireland was delayed by 18 hours, so of course I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. But instead of photographing an abandoned building, this time I was after a double-decker Boeing 747 […]

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