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Abandoned Hospitals

Hospitals are fascinating places to explore. The biggest abandoned hospital I have photographed is in Perth, Western Australia – The Princess Margaret Hospital. Click on the button below to view videos, photo albums and read fascinating historical research on abandoned hospitals in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

Abandoned Mental Asylums

Abandoned asylums are one of my favourite buildings to explore and photograph. The sheer size of them is incredible and the history is always pretty heavy (but highly interesting). Remember, I post historical insight with every photo album I publish, and the asylums always have the best history in my experience. The picture you can see here is of the abandoned Callan Park Asylum, Sydney, Australia.

Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses can be spooky, creepy and feel borderline haunted. They aren’t my typical choice of abandoned building, but sometimes when one is recommended to me I’ll go and check it out. I’ve photographed a few houses in Ireland and Perth. The wagon wheel manufacturer house definitely gave me the heebie-jeebies. Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean!

Abandoned Aged Care Facilities

Abandoned aged care facilities, residential care homes and nursing homes always attract a lot of attention when I post the photos online. They are usually funded for by the taxpayers, and often left in a state of disrepair when a company like Regis Aged Care (Perth, WA) moves location. In every aged care facility I have photographed, there are wheelchairs, beds and sensitive patient documents left behind.

Abandoned Plane Graveyard, Thailand | Abandoned World Photography

Urbex in Thailand

Any urbexer that’s been to Thailand, will agree that lots of places look abandoned but they really aren’t. The abandoned double-decker Boeing 747 planes, however, were very abandoned, and one of the best explores I’ve had to date! Other types of AWP urbex in Thailand includes an abandoned Batman Nightclub, definitely a must read!

Abandoned Military Sites

Military sites such as abandoned prisons, army barracks and war bunkers are always a huge thrill. My favourite military urbex adventure so far has probably been either the abandoned Riverbank Prison in Australia or the Clancy Barracks in Ireland.

Abandoned Hotels

Hotels are diverse, spacious buildings to photograph when they become abandoned. They are often quite colourful and have a range of room types such as bedrooms, reception areas, bars and outdoor sections. These buildings also often have an extensive history.