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Adventure back in time to the 1800s and 1900s through the raw photography and videography of abandoned, historical buildings in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Top Abandoned Buildings and Urbex Locations in Australia

Grab your torch, climb through the window and explore the belly of Abandoned World Photography, where buildings frozen in time are visually documented from every angle, inside and out, roof to basement.

Urbex Updates and Abandoned World Photography Online

Feel free to follow me on any of my social media channels! I am regularly posting new photos and videos as well as updates about my upcoming NFT photography and Abandoned Metaverse endeavours. If you have any questions or would like to talk to me privately about a specific abandoned location, please email abandonedworldphotography@gmail.com.

  • The Abandoned Duffy House, Wanneroo, Perth (Australia)

    The abandoned Duffy House and dairy farm ruins are tucked away in the middle of a large golden field on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. This historical site tells the story of Irish immigrants and their significant involvement in Australia’s farming industry development dating back to the mid-1800’s. It was of great interest to […]

  • Top 5 Abandoned Buildings in Sydney in 2022

    This is a round up of the top 5 urbex locations in Sydney this year for urban explorers and abandoned building photographers based in New South Wales, Australia. There’s not much else to do other than urbex when it’s lockdown after lockdown, especially when you live in Sydney. The past two years have been very […]

  • Urbex NFT Photography Announcement, 8 February 2022