Abandoned Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

The road between Da Nang and Hoi An is very abandoned.

But all the buildings are houses, and some may even look abandoned but you’ll find huge families still share the small, dilapidated space. Anyway, previous homes and houses aren’t my focus when exploring, it feels weird walking into someone’s old house and an invasion of privacy. In saying that, if it was a mansion or had amazing architecture, I probably would go in.

So, while I went on a recent trip to Hoi An, I passed by all the little abandoned houses and didn’t stop once. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a medium-sized building in the middle of an overgrown field. I signalled to my buddy to do a U-Turn and we went to check it out. It looks like an abandoned hotel but unfortunately, I have no further details!

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