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Abandoned House, Enniskerry, Ireland.

I used to have a rule that I never go into an abandoned house but I broke that when I went away for a weekend to Enniskerry, Ireland. I saw this derelict building on the side of the road, door wide open, so I let my curiosity get the better of me.

In I went, to a mix of religious ornaments, dirty dishes and unkempt personal items. I got a strange feeling in this place so I didn’t stay for too long – maybe it was the extreme amount of crosses and crucifixion statues that drove me out.

It’s very different exploring someone’s former home compared to exploring an abandoned historical building – which is what I normally photograph when urban exploring. Of course, every building has history but going into a house is instantly and intentionally trespassing on private home property. If it was a building owned by a previous company, organisation or the government I wouldn’t feel bad trespassing. The other reason why I don’t go into homes usually is because I would be more likely to find a squatter there (less security) which isn’t exactly a situation I seek out because I am usually exploring alone. 

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