house Ireland

Cork Street, Dublin, Ireland

I was waiting around for someone near Cork Street, Dublin (Ireland) so I decided to hop on my bike and go for a wander in the hopes of finding an abandoned building. 

I found this hidden gem on Cork Street and it turned out to be one of the oldest, most abandoned buildings I would ever find. It was so dilapidated, the cobwebs were massive and looked like they’d been spun for centuries and more than half the building had fallen. What was so cool though, was that it was all UNDERGROUND. Check out the secret door photo below, the steps leading down, and if you can, imagine how big this place actually is. We’re talking a few storeys…and once again UNDERGROUND. 

Mind blown.

Sadly, it was impossible to find any history on this place. Only a few metres away from the secret door there was a commercial garage and other shops. This place is truly hidden and in such a random spot. 

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