Factory/Warehouse Ireland

Derelict Ballyfermot Warehouse, Dublin (Ireland)

I get a lot of email requests from photographers, film directors, location scouters and other urban explorers for the location details of certain places I have photographed. The most type of site people ask for details about, is a site with space to shoot photos, films etc.

I have personally brought many of these people to the sites when possible, most of which are film directors. The Ballyfermot warehouse is a fantastic place to shoot film because it’s HUGE. There are plenty of big and small rooms, there are different types of lighting to play around with the and the site is stable (no wooden floors). Entry is extremely easy into this site and the way in is safe enough to bring camera equipment through.

If you would like any information or details on how to access this site, head over to my contact me page! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Do you know how long this location has been abandoned? That is a heck of a lot of damage! Love the first shot, the second so red, very nice!) and the exterior with the tree. Also teeny tiny chair… teeny tiny adorable chair… please tell me that was just randomly there, it is awesome.

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