Urbex in Colour

Abandoned World Photography’s “Urbex in Colour” NFT photography collection allows you to get immersed in the colourful remains of abandoned historical ruins lying dormant around the globe. Double-decker planes that once flew thousands of passengers to sunnyside resorts in Thailand, the first-ever trains that transported Western Australia’s first coal shipments to the docks, and a […]

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Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand [VIDEO]

Before it became derelict, the Abandoned Batman Nightclub in Thailand was a significant hotspot for locals, tourists, underage drinkers and pimps. However, after its novel inception in 1994, it only operated for a mere 18 months. This building was amazing to walk through. It was huge and so spacious. There was an extremely high elevator […]

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Abandoned Planes in Bangkok, Thailand [VIDEO]

My flight from Bangkok to Ireland was delayed by 18 hours, so of course, I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. But instead of photographing an abandoned building, this time I was after a double-decker Boeing 747 plane! I got a taxi to the area that I knew the planes were in […]


Welcome to Abandoned World Photography Grab your torch, climb through the window and explore the belly of Abandoned World Photography, where buildings frozen in time are visually documented from every angle, inside and out, roof to basement. Adventure back through centuries in time and get lost in the raw photography and videography of abandoned, historical […]

Urbex NFT Photography

Abandoned world photography is one of the most unique styles of NFT art in 2022, and it is the perfect complement to every NFT collector’s photography exhibition. Exclusive, Rare NFT Photography Each Abandoned World photograph offers the collector a unique, individual experience in the form of raw emotion and visual perspective. No two photographs are […]