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Abandoned Glen Iris Golf Course, Perth, WA

The abandoned Glen Iris Golf Course has been subject to much public outcry after news of huge development plans broke last year. According to a petition page, “the golf course is the home to not only people, families who love their homes, but of cockatoos, parrots, 28’s, ducks and swans.  It is also home to the native Quenda which is now endangered and does not like being relocated.”

After operating for 60 years as one of the most popular golf courses in Western Australia, local residents received a flyer through their letterboxes in March 2020 alerting them to the imminent sale of the course to WA-based development firm EastCourt Property Group. The group plans on building “premium housing” on the 25-hectare site. The settlement was said to be worth $30 million.

As of now, the course is empty and quiet. The restaurant tables left set and “we are closing down” leaflets are strewn about the place. The wildflowers and vegetation that the locals are worried about being destroyed are probably in the most flourished state they have ever been in, and the wild animals have over 2 acres of empty green land to play around in. But for how long will that last for is the question and will the locals of this golf course win their fight?

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