Australia house

Abandoned 1920’s House in Perth, WA [VIDEO]

This abandoned house caught my eye while I was driving around scouting for abandoned buildings in some of Perth’s most run-down areas. I’m not normally a fan of derelict houses, especially going into them alone, but something about this place drew me to it.

From the outside, it looks like a witch’s house with its slanty roof, crumbling windows and moth-eaten curtains. A quick google of the address brings up little information other than the house was built in 1920. The stove in the kitchen, the old piano, the fireplaces, and even the wallpaper live up the house’s birth year.

But strangely enough, the house has been sold seven times since 1998. Even weirder is that it sold in 1998, 1999 and 2001, three years in a row! It doesn’t feel like anyone has lived in it since the mid 1900s and the furniture that’s left behind is definitely not post-Millenium material. The only occupants of the house at the moment is a homeless dog and its owner(s) who I thankfully did not run into.

Enjoy the video and photo album below and don’t forget to check out my FacebookInstagram and YouTube channels.

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