Historical structure house

The Most Spookiest Abandoned House in Perth, WA [VIDEO]

There are very few buildings that I would deliberately go out of my way NOT to return to, and this house is definitely on that list.

You know when you can’t shake a spooky feeling? The feeling that makes you want to run? Well, both times I visited this place, I wanted to run every second I spent inside. The interior and furniture were so old and creepy, although quite interesting as it was all from a different era. According to reports online, this house was built in the 1950s and my guess is it’s never been refurbished or upgraded ever since.

The creepiest area of the house is the attic. There are so many rooms, old and stained mattresses, a porn wall, and about four tiny little cubby holes built into the walls that only a child could fit in. There was also a tiny door that led into the attic that again, only a child could fit through. The main door leading into the attic had a padlock on the outside and no lock on the inside (wtf?). There was also a huge cluster of bees which really didn’t help ease my nerves.

The other really strange thing I found was hundreds of leather straps and wooden planks with lots of nails sticking out of them.

I can’t find much history online about this place, although someone did say it used to be a Wagon Wheel Manufacturer, which would explain the leather straps and nails everywhere!

Watch the video below and notice how the torch flickers like crazy when it’s in the attic. FREAKY AS F***.

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