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Abandoned Swan District Hospital in Perth, WA

The abandoned Swan District Hospital and Asylum in Perth, WA, was under Australian media scrutiny in 2011 when a nurse allegedly threw a woman’s miscarried baby into the garbage alongside medical waste. The hospital had previously been in the public eye in 2004 when a psychiatric patient assaulted two nurses, one of whom suffered from multiple skull fractures and was left fighting for her life.

But perhaps the story that people recognise the most when they hear the name “Swan District Hospital”, was the mysterious missing case of Sarah Anne McMahon in 2000. Sarah had been missing for 12 days, police had no leads and were publishing information to the public in the hope of finding a lead. Her car was then found in the car park of the Swan District Hospital and it appeared to have been parked there for some days. Her phone was located later on Great Northern Highway near the Swan District Hospital.

On the day she went missing, Sarah had received phone calls from a man named Donald Victor Morey (it took the WA police 12 years after her disappearance to find out this information).

In 2003, 3 years after the missing case file was first opened and still unsolved, Morey was sentenced to 13 years and four months in jail with no parole over the attempted murder of a Perth sex worker in 2003. He served the sentence and was released under a Post Sentence Supervision Order (PSSO).

Shortly after, he was charged with carrying an article with intent to injure and breaching his PSSO. He pleaded guilty and was fined $2000. Morey was interviewed several times by WA police but was never found guilty for the abduction or murder of Sarah. In fact, to this day, no one knows where she is. Morey has since passed away and Sarah’s family are still looking for answers.

When I came across this missing case story whilst doing research on this abandoned site, I recognised the name “Sarah” from a message written on one of the walls in the asylum section of the abandoned hospital. I can’t be sure that it’s the same Sarah, but the message plea aligns with the missing story. Very sad story.

Does anyone remember this case? What are people’s thoughts or assumptions?

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Is this place easy to get into? I’ve heard that it is guarded. I’d love to get inside and explore. Thanks!

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