Abandoned Bowling Club, the Pilbara, Western Australia

I visited this site in 2020 whilst on a solo trip away from the rush of life and I loved it so much that I ended up going for a visit two days in a row! It was huge, with so many rooms to explore. All the old bowling trophies were scattered everywhere, the dining tables were set and the kitchens were still stocked full of pans and pots and cooking oil.

The History

This abandoned bowling club and youth centre had been built in 1977. There had been a former youth centre situated on the site but it had been destroyed by Cyclone Joan in 1975, and anyone who has experience a cyclone in WA knows how intense they can be! I myself witnessed Cyclone Damien last year (2019) and it was one of the coolest and scariest things I’ve ever seen/felt. It’s crazy when you can really feel the power of nature and how little control you have over what happens!

Moving on.

The construction and operation of the recreation centre relied heavily on community support and participation, with an initial committee formed to carry out the construction and operation [project, including shire representatives, the Uniting Church reverend, and Lions Club and general members of the public. Community fund-raising furnished the centre and provided sporting equipment, and volunteers from the public and local service clubs supervised activities and staffed the centre.

Back in its hey-day, the club had consisted of a two storey building, which included a bar and function areas, dining rooms and gaming facilities. Outside, there was two tennis courts, a bowling green and 60 car parking spaces. It closed its doors for the final time in 2014.

There are current plans to renovate the site for $2 million, as the below sketch illustrates.

An artist’s impression of what the building may look like after a multi-million dollar redevelopment.


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