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Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi [VIDEO]

Towering brick buildings, thin staircases, and stone floors covered in algae represent the failed mansion project that was once supposed to house the elite in Hanoi. The ghost town of Lideco Bắc 32 is to date, the largest abandoned site I’ve ever seen.

Between 2008 and 2013, the bare bones of 650 French-style mansions were built (walls, floors, and staircases), but nothing else. Now, most of the 5-story houses have been left to rot and crumble, while they lie dormant on the Hanoi retail market, going for €400,000 per property (approx.).

At present, only 100 of the houses are currently occupied and kids roam freely around the grounds playing football. Local men fish in the artificial lake, pet cows are tied up outside the abandoned houses and lots of hens cluck their way around the site.

This 38-hectare “city within a city”, worth $35million USD, is a ghost town that could potentially be housing hundreds of homeless people in North Vietnam. I’ll be interested to see what it transforms into by 2025.

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2 replies on “Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi [VIDEO]”

Beautiful! I want to go here but i dont want to travel alone and it’s hard to find someone with the same interests as me….

Most places are safer than you think and it’s just as fun exploring alone as it is with other people! 🙂

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