Abandoned Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School (Parramatta, Sydney)

Site Name: Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School
Site Location: Parramatta, Sydney
Site Value: Over 10 million dollars

Since it closed down in 2008, the Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School has been left vacant and open to vandalism. The site was incredibly easy to find and a hole in the fence meant not much thought had to be put into finding an entry point, which is usually the hardest part.

Every room I went into had been either raided/trashed or set on fire and there isn’t much more room for graffiti artists to mark their territory. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. In many cases, graffiti is what makes abandoned buildings so interesting. It adds colour to a room that would otherwise be very dark looking. At this site in particular, there was a lot of impressive graffiti pieces in the classrooms. Many times, I often found myself standing in the middle of a room staring at the walls like a crazy person.

Two of the buildings had a lot of fire and smoke damage and there was a lot of holes in the floor and walls. Despite this, it was nice to explore a derelict building where the inside components that would have been used back in the day are still currently present such as tables, chairs, notebooks etc.

Overall, it was a very successful day exploring the abandoned Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School and I would highly recommend this site for anyone starting off in urban exploration.



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