Australia Chemical Lab

Abandoned Asbestos Chemical Lab, Sydney

I came across these small labs walking down by Redfern train station. I had intended to get into a much bigger derelict building down the road from the station but there was a concert on right beside it so security was too high to pass. So, I went for a wander and instead found a few labs where asbestos used to be collected, tested and gotten rid of.

The facilities were trashed with very little lab material left and I didn’t stay too long just in case there was still asbestos lying around (which there probably was). 

There was a fair bit of security around these portacabins and when I was the leaving I found that the gate I’d entered, now had a huge bloody chain around it. I panicked for a minute before walking the perimeter a bit and found a break in the wire fence where I could crawl through a bush and out onto the road – much to the confusion of some concert goers! 

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