Religious Building

Derelict Marianella Redemptorist Centre – Dublin, Ireland

Derelict chapels, holy water bottles, broken pianos and sirens is what springs to mind when I remember this day. I found this site on Google one Saturday and decided to cycle straight to it as I wasn’t too far away from it. I had climb over a big gate to get in here, which was easy enough and once inside it took a few minutes to find the main building I wanted to explore. There was construction work on pause at the site, so there was security cameras everywhere and someone watching them on a Saturday afternoon, as it turned out.

I managed to get some good photos of inside the chapel and a few of the outside (massive) garden, in which there was a really old, broken piano. Just as I was standing by the piano admiring it, a siren blasted through every speaker that surrounded the perimeter of the massive garden and I nearly shat my pants. A voice boomed through the mic then and said if I didn’t leave the po-po would be called (the police) so I walked casually back towards the gate, gave a camera little wave, climbed back over and cycled home. All that mattered was that I got photos so I was happy to leave!


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