Fatal stabbing

These type of buildings hold the potential danger that people will use them for illegal and dangerous acts that may lead to harm being caused to others. Throughout the time I have been exploring these buildings I have never come across an actual person in them, but judging by the things I see in them I’m not surprised at all that drugs, drinking and sleeping is done in them. They are hotspot squats for homeless people and sadly this happened over the weekend:

This particular building that the stabbing happened in is in an area I explored and photographed not to long ago. The area is a minefield of derelict buildings. It consists of mostly abandoned houses, pubs and offices. Ironically, one of the buildings in this area is where ‘Anglo Irish Bank’ was supposed to transfer their offices. I’m using inverted commas because the property crash occurred before they ever got to move, and quite frankly, the bank was a complete farce in every term. The site is a mere skeleton of what it was planned out to be, as you can see: Anglo Irish Bank HQ

Photos from the area are on their way!

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